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Welcome to Scientific Notebook Company’s home page. One of the world's leading manufacturing facility for Research Notebooks. Since 1959 our scientific notebooks have provided our customers a means of legally documenting their patent work and recording intellectual property. While other notebook companies have fled the scene, Scientific Notebook has stood the test of time. All of our notebooks are built to last with archival quality components. Laboratory notebooks are the birthplace of inventions, and they are a key component in patent enforcement. Our laboratory notebooks are section sewn, any attempt to tamper with the pages will be evident on other pages.

Scientific notebook can customize our books into laboratory notebooks, patent notebooks, engineering notebooks or research notebooks. Our lab notebooks meet standard requirements for patent approval. The notebooks are also designed for ease of use in research projects. Our notebooks are ideal for recording intellectual property.

Please feel free to browse our website and learn how our custom laboratory notebooks can benefit you. We have added online shopping to our website - Scientific Notebook Web Store online now!

New 192 page notebook with lined pages and signature blocks, 2001HZ.
Some of our scientific notebooks feature recycled materials.

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