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Archival Pens for Scrapbooking and Personal Historians

Ever since the movie Roots hit TV screens back in 1977, people have longed to either research their own family history, or preserve what they already know. Some of these family historians collect and preserve historical documents, such as birth and death records, marriage certificates, religious documents and a host of other paper documents. Others […]

Cleanrooms and Appropriate Notebooks

If you have never worked in a clean room, then you may be unfamiliar with its purpose, or even the term. A clean room, simply put, is one that strives to maintain a low level of environmental pollutants, including dust, chemical vapors, airborne particles, and others. These rooms are usually found in manufacturing facilities or […]

Best Writing Utensils for Students

Writing utensils seem like such simple things, don’t they? Yet each one has their own purpose, and every person has their own preference. Math teachers prefer to never get papers that are completed in ink. College professors tend to prefer work that is done using a pen. Art instructors prefer to use completely different methods, […]

Does Your Science Student Have All The Necessary Tools?

Does Your Science Student Have All The Necessary Tools? If your son or daughter is on their way to college, or a new research position or internship, you can help them out by making sure they have the right tools. Even if you do not realize the details of why some of these items are […]

Christmas Gifts for the Budding Scientist

Christmas Gifts for the Budding Scientist Is there a budding young scientist or engineer in your home? Do you laugh or smile to yourself when it comes to their ideas and questions? Do you dismiss this as thoughts born of youth? You really shouldn’t. While adults have extensive experience to taint their thoughts, the young […]

Make the Most of Your Research Notebook

If you are a student, or you are someone who has just decided to start a research project, it is imperative that you treat your research with the respect it deserves. Whether you are doing actionable research, or are involved in a lengthy bit of qualitative research, there is always a chance that you will […]

The Downsides of Electronic Lab Notebooks

While many in the scientific community are pushing for the transition from paper lab notebooks to electronic devices, there are still many reasons why paper notebooks are a better option for researchers. Before you invest in electronic notebooks for your research, consider the following downsides of going digital. Portability While electronic notebooks are small, they […]