Monthly Archives: February 2014

Why Archival Pens are Ideal for Genealogy

People who enjoy researching their family history may not be aware that archival pens are necessary for their research. It can be fun to spend hours on various websites finding out about this person or that person in your family, but, when the time comes to document the family tree, you want to make sure […]

Tips for Organized Research Methods

If your research is something you are excited about, you are probably going to put more time into reading, observing, and experimenting than anything else. Writing the research in one document may end up feeling like the “red tape” of the whole process. However, if you organize it correctly, putting the final project together can […]

Tips for Creating Bibliographies

When working on a research project, an integral component is the research that is done to not only validate the findings of the project, but to also validate the reason for your research to exist at all. Have these questions been answered? Is there enough information to lead to this question or hypothesis? Is the […]

Using a Scientific Notebook for Your Science Fair Project

It is that time of year when many students are choosing projects for the annual science fair. The science fair is a means of demonstrating one’s love of science and passion for research. Those who voluntarily enter such competitions do so out of a love for the subject matter and the process of experimentation. Often […]