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Uses for Archival Pens

Archival pens are frequently used in scientific research labs, but there are many other uses for these writing utensils. The long-lasting ink is relied upon in a number of different fields, thanks to its many excellent properties. Here are just a few uses for archival pens that you might not have thought of before: Scrapbooking […]

Archival Inks Assure Long-lasting Clean Room Records

Recordkeeping is necessary in the meticulously controlled environment of a cleanroom. Specialized notebooks are used to keep detailed notes and daily data records in the dust and fiber free work room. Archival pens must be utilized to record information on the latex impregnated paper. An archival pen is filled with an ink product that will […]

Clean Room Supplies are Vital to a Contamination Free Environment

A manufacturer of specialized office supplies understands the needs and restrictions for notebooks and paper that are needed for a sensitive research environment. Cleanroom notebooks are vital in any space that must have zero contamination from paper fibers and dust. A company that builds highly sensitive fire and smoke detectors, for instance, must have a […]

Preparing for a Career in Science with a Student Notebook

It is assumed by many that serious research is only done at the baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate levels. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Any student conducting research in the hopes of pursuing a career in science should approach each project with the same dedication and thought as a senior researcher. This is […]

The Importance of Cleanroom Notebooks

When it comes to doing research in a cleanroom, there are specific protocols you must follow. Regular research notebooks are not recommended for use in cleanrooms for a number of reasons. Instead, you will want to make sure that you have the right cleanroom notebooks for use in your research. When you buy the right […]

Stimulate Children’s Love of Science with 4H Projects

Children are naturally inquisitive creatures. They are curious about the world around them. Some may be more interested in the workings of electricity than plant or animal science, and 4H is a great way to explore those interests. This program encourages children to experiment with the things that interest them most and provides guided projects […]