Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Best Paying Jobs for Those Majoring in Science or Engineering

Selecting a college major is an important part of defining what type of career you want after you graduate. Fields with a high demand for employees, but a lack of qualified applicants, often command higher starting salaries and significantly higher earnings once a person reaches mid-career levels. In recent years there has been a shortage […]

How Schools Can Keep Students Interested in Science and Engineering

One of the biggest challenges for elementary, middle, and high school teachers is keeping students engaged in learning. This becomes even more complicated when the subjects of science and engineering are taught. According to a study completed by Kaplan Early Learning Company, about a third of all elementary students lose interest in science and engineering […]

How to Become a Future Scientist

Becoming a scientist in your future can be a rewarding career, but there is much to do long before you find the cure to a disease, develop a new revolutionary product, or solve a problem that has been plaguing humanity for decades. Most scientists today are noticing an increase in competition from other careers, like […]

Consider a Career in an Engineering Field

Engineering is a specific career choice for some people who are interested in technology and science, and who want to contribute to the development, building, or design of equipment, buildings, engines, machines, computers, and other tools to make people’s lives easier. There are numerous fields within engineering to pick from when considering this for a […]