Monthly Archives: November 2015

Austria’s Largest State Gets 100% of Its Electricity from Renewables

As countries around the world look for eco-friendly and clean energy solutions, one country is leading the way on getting its energy from renewable sources: Austria. Austria is part of the European Union (EU). In recent years, the EU has tasked member nations to reduce their reliance upon fossil fuels and develop alternative, eco-friendly, and […]

Archaeologists Speculate over Possible Secret Hidden in King Tut’s Tomb

A team of archaeologists and scientists have discovered a possible secret that has been hidden in King Tut’s tomb. The secret was accidently discovered when the team was making high resolution scans using infrared thermography to take pictures of the tomb. Originally, the purpose of taking the infrared scans was to use them to build […]

NASA Observes Something Coming Out of a Black Hole

You do not need to be a science geek to know that a black hole is supposed to draw in everything around it and suck it into the center. Black holes are interesting, regardless of your interest in the science behind them. They have been featured in science fiction novels and Hollywood movies. However, the […]

Five Halloween Costume Ideas for Science Lovers

Dressing up as a famous scientist, like Albert Einstein, or Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, might seem like a great costume idea. Unfortunately, your other science-loving friends may have the same idea. Who really wants to be at a Halloween party where there are numerous clones of the same person? If you want to […]