Monthly Archives: December 2015

Airplane Safety System Proposes Escape Capsule for Civil Aircraft

Of all the things to come out of an engineering notebook, the escape capsule designed for civil aircraft may be the one that’s getting the most attention lately. Although there aren’t any aircraft that use this design yet, it may be the first of its kind to be a feasible solution to the problem of […]

Li-Fi: The New Wi-Fi?

We’ve all heard about Wi-Fi. But what about Li-Fi? You may not have heard much about Li-Fi before now, but that’s almost certainly about to change, now that the technology has moved out of the lab and been tested in the real world and achieved results that are leaving onlookers stunned with their success. What […]

The Science Behind Making the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

Have you ever felt your chocolate chip cookies were lacking in flavor, texture, or some other aspect you desperately sought? Well, the truth behind making chocolate chip cookies and achieving the desired results has to do with ingredients you use, as well as science. Think of the cookie recipe as your scientific experiment and, by […]

Scientists Accidently Discover Cells That Make Leukemia Cells Non-Cancerous

Scientific researchers from TSRI (The Scripps Research Institute) were attempting to engineer cells for people suffering from immune cell deficiencies and develop a new antibody therapy. Immune cell deficiencies happen when the body does not product the sufficient number of white blood cells—the cells vital for fighting infections. The scientists initially were looking for ways […]