Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Science of Love (for Valentine’s Day)

What do laboratory notebooks and the facial features of your next date have in common? They might hold the key to true love for you. In fact, even though the time may have passed when you would ask for parental consent before asking someone on a date, your own parents have more influence on your […]

5 Science Mysteries that Might Be Solved in 2016

Every scientist has their laboratory research notebook at the ready and is feeling hopeful about 2016. That’s because 2015 brought a whole host of discoveries and advances. Each time a new scientific discovery is made, it opens the doors for endless discoveries to jump off from it. After all, research is only limited by the […]

Why Is a Praying Mantis Wearing 3D Glasses?

Imagine a scenario where you are reading notes in a laboratory research notebook. Now, imagine that the scenario in the notebook involves forcing an insect to hang upside down, but the insect isn’t just hanging upside down. It’s hanging upside down while watching a 3D movie, and wearing 3D glasses. It sounds like something out […]

Sustainable Bricks Made from Plastic Bottles

In a time when people are making every effort to conserve energy and still live comfortably, the scientific notebook that holds the information to make sustainable bricks from plastic bottles is most welcome. As convenient as plastic is, it is a menace to the oceans and the wildlife that lives there. Even on land, it […]