Monthly Archives: March 2016

5 Science Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Whether you are looking for new and interesting projects to jot down in your lab notebook or you just have to feed your need for endless scientific tidbits, podcasts are a great way to go. They are entertaining and educational all at once. Technology has given savvy scientists an engaging new format by which to […]

Science Beginning to Link Climate Change with Extreme Weather

If bad weather seems more extreme than you remember, you might not be wrong. Droughts are becoming more extreme, and hurricanes more damaging, but many have long denied its cause: climate change. The argument is over, though, because science can now link climate change to extreme weather. Take out your research notebook and take notes […]

Largest Rocky Planet Discovered

While one scientist might fill his laboratory research notebook with new inventions or chemical equations, others fill theirs with the dimensions of new planets. Such is the case with one astrophysicist and his team that discovered a new exoplanet with the help of the Kepler space telescope. What Is an Exoplanet? An exoplanet is a […]

Hubo – The Disaster Relief Robot

Robotics is a field that has benefitted tremendously from advances in technology. Leonardo Da Vinci may have been the original trailblazer in robotics and engineering. His engineering notebook has been a coveted piece of scientific history as well as a resource. The once clumsy robotic arm has now given rise to robots that can perform […]