3 Ways to Make Your Notebook More Personal

If you’re a student, engineer, or scientist, then you probably spend a lot of time with your laboratory notebook. Since you and your notebook are going to be spending so much time in each other’s company, why not put a little effort into making your notebook into something a little more exciting and reflective of your personality?

For those of you out there who want their notebooks to stand out from the crowd, we’ve got three suggestions for how you can make your notebook more personal.

Personalize a notebook

Start a Chronology

If you’re going to be keeping a lot of notebooks, especially on related topics, then this is a simple and convenient way to personalize your notebook and help keep your notebooks straight. Once you start a new notebook, give it a title, volume number, and a start date. You can record this information on the first page, in the top or bottom corner, or as part of a larger design for the cover. It’s up to you!

Create a Cover

Most notebook covers look very similar, making them hard to distinguish from each other and, more importantly, kind of boring to look at. Adding a cover to your notebook is an easy and fun way to make yours stand out and give it a little more character.

If you ever created a cover for your textbooks in high school, you know the deal: Take some construction paper, newspaper, or other paper; arrange it into a large section slightly larger than the notebook when fully opened; fold and tape the ends to create sleeves that slip over the notebook cover and hold it in place.

Be sure to choose something that reflects your personality or to decorate it in a way that shows the world it’s yours. It can be anything from a simple title with your name and address to a showcase for your drawings.

Add Some Pockets

Tired of opening your notebook only to realize that you forgot your pen or pencil? Adding pockets to your notebook is a great way to make sure you always have the writing utensils you need. Just follow these steps:

  1. Measure your notebook’s inside cover; make sure you leave space on the sides of the pockets or else the notebook won’t close.
  2. Cut a piece of paper to meet your measurements, and then attach it to the inside cover with glue squares.
  3. Next, cut out the pockets, leaving about 1 inch of height difference between each one.
  4. Take 2-3 self-seal lamination pockets and tear away the backing; lay the lamination pocket down sticky side up and trim off any excess lamination, using the paper as a guide.
  5. After one side of all the pockets has been laminated, place more glue squares on the sides and bottom of each pocket.
  6. Use the glue squares to attach the pockets to the notebook, stacking them on top of each other.

Personal Notebook

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