7 Great Biomedical Career Fields to Pursue

Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to biology and medicine for various healthcare purposes. It’s estimated that the biomedical field will experience a 23% boost in job growth.

Whether you’re working in a lab performing experiments or developing new technologies that will one day be commonplace inside hospitals and laboratories across the world, there are all sorts of important careers under the biomedical scope.

Here are some excellent career fields you can pursue in the biomedical industry:

  • Medical Imaging — This involves designing and developing various devices that enable healthcare professionals to see inside the human body.
  • Bioinstrumentation — This career pertains to crafting original tools and equipment that can be used to treat and diagnose certain diseases and infections. Nowadays, this involves highly advanced technological devices that function alongside a computer.
  • Biomedical Researcher — These researchers study the effects of various chemicals and substances on the body in order to develop new medications. Pharmaceutical companies employ these researchers to investigate new technologies and treatment methods. The majority of biomedical research is either theoretical or conducted on animals, but certain late-stage research projects are often conducted on human subjects.
  • Clinical Engineering — These engineers search for various uses for new medical products on the market. They search healthcare facilities and hospitals and show nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals how to correctly use new devices.
  • Biomechanics — This pertains to the body’s movement. This career involves focusing on designing and manufacturing medical tools that aid with motion within the human body — like artificial heart valves.
  • Systems Physiology — This involves engineering principles to gain a comprehensive understanding of how all kinds of living organisms function.
  • Prosthetics Engineers — These engineers specialize in developing prosthetics that replace damaged or amputated limbs. Today’s technology enables these prosthetic limbs to function incredibly realistic and lifelike. Additionally, they perform all kinds of tests in order to ensure the prosthetic functions properly.

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