Archival Inks Assure Long-lasting Clean Room Records

Recordkeeping is necessary in the meticulously controlled environment of a cleanroom. Specialized notebooks are used to keep detailed notes and daily data records in the dust and fiber free work room. Archival pens must be utilized to record information on the latex impregnated paper.

An archival pen is filled with an ink product that will last for generations. Archival ink is a high quality, permanent substance that will not bleed, run, or fan out into the surface of the paper that is being used. Pigment ink invented by Sakura is reliable and less susceptible to UV rays. It is fade resistant and waterproof. The black and colored inks are resistant to chemicals.

Pigma micron pens are most compatible with clean room notebooks for scientific records. The steel sleeve protects the fine line points of the pen. Six fine line point sizes allow the user to choose the size of the script desired for recording vital data. Bullet and chisel points are available for use in journaling, labeling materials, and log book documentation.

Pigment ink is colorfast and it will not smear on the paper. It is one of the most secure ink products to ensure that records cannot be compromised. The nontoxic ink is nonabrasive. The slim pens are easy to hold while writing. The tips or nibs of the archival pens will not cause indentations or damage to the surface of the paper. The lightfast ink is used by scientists, archivists, curators, historians, and artists who trust its longevity.

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