Why Archival Pens are Ideal for Genealogy

People who enjoy researching their family history may not be aware that archival pens are necessary for their research. It can be fun to spend hours on various websites finding out about this person or that person in your family, but, when the time comes to document the family tree, you want to make sure that you have the right tools.

Because genealogy is often a lot of digging through information to find the needle in your family haystack, you will want to document and make note of important happenings for future generations. Marriages, births, deaths and divorces, as well as family members who moved to a different area or country, are important for family trees. Using archival pens and acid free archival paper will help preserve your hard work and research for younger generations to use years from now.  The pigment in the special ink used in these pens is resistant to light fading, seeping, smudging and moisture, and, when paired with archival quality paper, you can create a family tree that will be legible several generations in the future.

No matter how obscure your family history, the process of researching it and documenting it for other family members is a task that only the truly dedicated will tackle. Following through on a 9 or 10 generation family tree only to find that your ink has smudged or faded after a few years is very frustrating. It is best to get the right tools for archiving your genealogy project from the beginning.

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