The Best Paying Jobs for Those Majoring in Science or Engineering

Selecting a college major is an important part of defining what type of career you want after you graduate. Fields with a high demand for employees, but a lack of qualified applicants, often command higher starting salaries and significantly higher earnings once a person reaches mid-career levels. In recent years there has been a shortage of graduates pursuing careers in science and engineering. As a result, those graduating with a bachelor’s degree in a science or engineering field are being offered initial salaries starting at $50,000 per year or higher.

For students going on to obtain a master’s or doctorate in a particular specialization, not only are their starting salaries further increased, but this also affords graduates more flexibility and job opportunities. In addition, students at the master or doctorate levels are able to major and minor in a more diverse range of fields. Even though the monetary rewards and post-graduate earnings are attractive, one thing students have to seriously consider is whether a career in science or engineering is for them. The last thing you want to do is spend your college years pursuing a career field you know you are not going to enjoy.

If science or engineering sounds appealing, some of the top salary potential majors include:

– Computer Science

– Petroleum Engineering

– Mechanical Engineering

– Actuarial Mathematics

– Physics

– Nuclear Engineering

– Computer Engineering

– Chemical Engineering

– Electrical Engineering

– Aerospace Engineering

Besides these fields, there has been a recent surge in demand for pharmaceutical technicians, environmental scientists, laboratory technicians, and veterinarians.

Choosing a Career Specialization in Science or Engineering

Long before you make up your mind to specialize in one specific science or engineering career field, you have to complete a list of general education requirements and core classes. The core classes help expose you to a wide variety of topics and subjects to help you determine which specialized field you want to pursue.

Some students, at the bachelor level, decide to major in one field, and minor in another, after they have completed their core class and general education requirements. More ambitious students select two closely related, yet different fields, and work on a double major. There are benefits of having a minor or a second major. First, you gain exposure to specialization in two different career fields. Next, your employability after graduation is increased, because you have a more diverse educational background.

Regardless of whether you decide to pursue a degree in just one specific field, or more than one, is entirely up to you. However, essential items you need throughout your studies and your career are engineering and scientific notebooks. These notebooks have been designed for use in science and engineering fields. They include features for patent protection, configurations for research projects, and other laboratory or project needs to protect your ideas. You can order high-quality laboratory, science, engineering, and research notebooks from Scientific Notebook Company by phoning 800-537-3028 now.

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