Best Writing Utensils for Students

Writing utensils seem like such simple things, don’t they? Yet each one has their own purpose, and every person has their own preference. Math teachers prefer to never get papers that are completed in ink. College professors tend to prefer work that is done using a pen. Art instructors prefer to use completely different methods, altogether. So, how do you know what kind of writing utensils your student needs?

The writing utensil your student needs depends upon what they are doing with it. For instance, some students prefer round wooden pencils when doing their math homework, while other students prefer to use plastic, refillable pencils. Some students prefer a fine tip on their pens, while others prefer simple ball point ones. You should ask what kind of utensils they use the most, and then include those with the ones listed below.


Every student needs a highlighter. Whether they use it in their books, or as they highlight the notes they have taken, the highlighter is always a useful tool. Some highlighters come with tabs that you can pull out and use as small placeholders in specific areas of a book or document.

Archival Pens

Archival pens work extremely well for research projects because of the quality of ink that is used. The ink resists fading that is common with the average ink found in pens for everyday use. This ink also sits on top of the paper, rather than soaking into it and causing a bleed-through onto the next sheet.

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