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Why Aren’t Regular Spiral Notebooks Working For Me?

Although much of the world is running on digital technology, we’re still largely dependent on paper. In fact, the world produced up to 411 million metric tons of paper and cardboard in 2016 alone.

This may not come as a surprise considering the benefits of using paper notebooks compared to a standard laptop. But sometimes the average notebook isn’t enough for those in engineering and the biomedical fields.

Here are a few reasons why your average paper notebook may not be working for you and why engineering notebooks and laboratory notebooks may be the better option.

Regular notebooks don’t have the layout you’re looking for

One of the tops reasons why regular notebooks may not be working for you is because they don’t have the layout you need. Graph notebooks are more generalized so they can be used by students and workers in many different fields including graphic design and architecture.

But because graph notebooks are generalized, you need to draw out separate areas on the page to include information such as the date, project number, and researchers included in the project. That isn’t the case with science notebooks.

Science notebooks have a layout specifically designed with engineers, biomedical workers, and other science workers and students in mind. Science notebooks include the grid layout you need, but with the signature block included at the bottom for greater project control.

Regular notebooks fall apart easily

You remember from High School days when you would put all your notebooks into your bookbag. Over time, your pages of notes would start to pull away from the spiral binding and you’d be left with loose-leaf pages you’d need to put in a folder.

As a science student, this can be a major issue. The last thing you want to do is lose important data or get your pages mixed up.

You don’t need to worry about that with laboratory notebooks. Laboratory notebooks are designed with a soft black cover and smooth binding to keep everything in place and all your data safely secure.

Looking for engineering notebooks and other archival materials?

Paper notebooks are great because it’s impossible for data to get deleted and you don’t have to worry about your laptop’s battery dying when you’re trying to access information. However, a standard notebook doesn’t work for everybody.

If you’re looking for engineering notebooks, student lab notebooks, or research notebooks that have the layout and format you need for your classes or work, Scientific Notebook Company has what you need. To learn more about our engineering notebooks and other archival materials, contact Scientific Notebook Company today.

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3 Benefits Of Using Laboratory Notebooks Instead Of A Laptop

In a digital world, paper notebooks are still as relevant as ever. In fact, the U.S. is just one of the three biggest paper-producing countries in the world. China, Japan, and the U.S. account for more than 50% of the world’s paper production.

But why are bound lab notebooks still the optimal choice for both science professionals and students? As it turns out, scientific lab notebooks offer many benefits that your average word document on your computer can’t include:

  1. Paper is meditative. The problem with digital technology is that working on a screen can often make you feel anxious. This is because working digitally means you’re working quickly, so during those times when you need to think you may feel rushed and take more risks. This isn’t a good thing when you’re working in the sciences. When you’re writing your work down in a scientific notebook, it’s just you, the paper, and your pen.
  2. You don’t have to worry about losing your data. Professionals who own notebooks often say the important information is what gets written down. This is because computers, though they’re great for speed and efficiency, are also prone to security breaches and damage. If you drop your laptop or if there’s an unexpected power surge, all your hard work could be gone unless you have it on a backup drive. You don’t need to worry about power surges when you use laboratory notebooks. You just need to keep it dry and don’t lose it.
  3. Laboratory notebooks give you better project control. You can always try to work with Google Docs or another software program to get your scientific records in order. But scientific lab notebooks are specifically developed with your research and development activity in mind. These notebooks provide continuity in research and a source of information that can be independent of staff changes or software updates.

Looking for laboratory notebooks that can keep up with your work?

Scientific Notebook Company understands that you need laboratory notebooks that are dependable and aren’t easily damaged. That’s why we offer a variety of student lab notebooks, engineering lab notebooks, and research notebooks so you can get your work done efficiently no matter where you are in your career.

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