Small Items to Account for in Research Grants

Small Items to Account for in Research Grants When you are filling out your application for research funding in the form of grants from a school or government entity, it can be easy to get caught up in worrying about all of the large items you may need funds for as you itemize your needs. […]

Lab Notebook Guidelines for Graduate Research

Your lab notebooks will be critical for completing your graduate research, but there are some issues that come up with how these notebooks should be created and who retains ownership of the notebooks once a student leaves a lab group. You will want to familiarize yourself with these guidelines before you begin your graduate work. […]

Getting to Know Your College Laboratory

Getting to Know Your College Laboratory When you begin college to pursue a degree in science, the lab will be a big part of your life. You should take some time to prepare yourself by learning about your school’s lab requirements and protocols. This will help you prepare for success before you ever set foot […]

Reasons for Laboratory Notebook Format and Rules

When it comes to putting a value on all the equipment in a laboratory, there is perhaps nothing more valuable than a laboratory notebook. The documentation it contains makes it useful as evidence in court, if needed. If patent litigation becomes an issue, it can save a company millions. This is seldom the case, but […]

Why Use a Laboratory Research Notebook in the Classroom?

Why Use a Laboratory Research Notebook in the Classroom? As educators, our job is to prepare our students for either further learning at a higher level facility, or for the career field they hope to enter. The science curriculum and subsequent career fields are areas where passion abounds. Though we may have a love for […]

College Use of Scientific Notebooks

Science majors may be familiar with what a scientific notebook is and how it is used, but those taking science as a minor or elective may not be as familiar. It is a special notebook used to preserve data from experiments and the observations made throughout the experimentation process. All the entries in the notebook […]