Make the Most of Your Research Notebook

If you are a student, or you are someone who has just decided to start a research project, it is imperative that you treat your research with the respect it deserves. Whether you are doing actionable research, or are involved in a lengthy bit of qualitative research, there is always a chance that you will […]

The Downsides of Electronic Lab Notebooks

While many in the scientific community are pushing for the transition from paper lab notebooks to electronic devices, there are still many reasons why paper notebooks are a better option for researchers. Before you invest in electronic notebooks for your research, consider the following downsides of going digital. Portability While electronic notebooks are small, they […]

Laboratory Notebooks and Intellectual Property

In the scientific world, protecting intellectual property as it relates to a scientific discovery is critical for defending a patent. In many cases, the official date of your discovery is based upon the date of the patent application’s submission, but there are some situations that require proof of the date that an idea was formed. […]

Clinical Drug Trials and Properly Recorded Results

Clinical Drug Trials and Properly Recorded Results In order to complete a successful clinical drug trial, you will need to have more than a positive outcome for your research. You will need to follow certain guidelines in order to ensure that your data can be validated, so that your research or patent application can move […]

What You Need to Know about Engineering Notebooks

As you look for new ideas or creative solutions to problems, you should always be sure to record your findings in an engineering notebook. You never know when you will make a breakthrough discovery that needs to be patented, and keeping detailed notes of all your work allows you to prove your findings and back […]

The Importance of Archival Pens for Clinical Research

The Importance of Archival Pens for Clinical Research When you record your laboratory findings in your research notebooks, you need to use the proper writing utensil. Failure to do so can compromise the integrity of your work and put your entire team’s project in jeopardy. Archival pens are the best tool for all of your […]