Bound Notebooks for an Engineer’s Personal Record

An aspiring engineer uses a book to record ideas, quick sketches, and detailed drawings for future projects. These bound notebooks are lightweight and easy to carry on field trips.  The book should lie flat to allow for ease of access to a full page to complete a sketch of a new idea.

The sketchbook is sewn in sections for a firm binding of the pages, to keep them intact for years. Many engineers and inventors keep all of their sketches for reference as they put their ideas into action. Plain white pages are made from acid-free material for long-lasting archival quality. Idea sketches and plans for how an idea might work should be recorded with an archival pen.

A professional quality notebook offers plenty of space for a student to draw out an idea or invention, as well as the steps taken to bring the idea to life.

A set of notebooks can be numbered and have the year as a reference point for the artist to keep track of work over a period of time. The number is embossed on the spine of the book so that it is easily read when stored on a shelf. The hard cover of the book protects the series of pages. A school name can be

embossed on the cover for the students who enroll in art classes. A bound notebook is a compact carryall for an entire series of ideas, research, and trial runs for new inventions and products.

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