Bring Your Cleanroom Up to Date

Bring Your Cleanroom Up to Date

One of the challenges of a new year is making sure that your supplies and materials for your work are up to date, stocked and prepared to join you on your journey through the next year. Many cleanroom managers do an end-of-year inventory and make purchases for the next year. Besides beakers and equipment you will also need recording and tracking tools like notebooks. Don’t overlook the minutiae when performing your stocking duties.

Because it is a cleanroom, it is imperative that every piece of equipment meets the standards. You can’t just walk in with any old notebook and preserve the integrity of the project. Cleanroom notebooks should be used in any environment where low particle and fiber generation matters. Our cleanroom stationery features a permanent-bound-sewn and Mylar-sealed cover. Inside you will find blue college-ruled 22 pound TexWrite cleanroom paper with an index page, and dual signature and date lines on each page. They are cleanroom processed and double packaged, and you can place them in the autoclave!

Don’t settle for generic cleanroom notebooks that may or may not be properly processed and packaged. The effort to find and purchase quality cleanroom supplies can benefit your project and maintain the integrity of the environment. It is a new year, and you can start it off right by getting your cleanroom up to date with specific cleanroom products which will make your year go much more smoothly. Accidental contamination, or notebooks that succumb to chemicals can cause major problems with your project!

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