Choosing the Right Laboratory Notebook

Choosing the Right Laboratory Notebook

When you make your living in a scientific laboratory, you need the right equipment on hand. One simple yet invaluable tool is your laboratory notebook. The right lab notebook keeps track of your information, safeguards your research, and helps you make every experiment count. From keeping your data in one convenient place to verifying your ideas for a patent, there’s no understating just how important your lab notebook will prove to be. As such, choosing the right laboratory notebook is crucial to your success. Keep these qualities in mind, and purchase a notebook that will serve you through the various research projects of your career.

Avoid the Spiral

Your lab notebook needs to be a safe and secure place to store your hard work. While spiral-bound notebooks work for some people, they don’t offer the high-quality protection you need to ensure your work stays safe. Spiral notebooks make it easy to tear out pages without a trace. This kind of tampering can lead to major problems with your research—especially if you eventually want to apply for a patent. Instead, look for Smyth-sewn notebooks that feature reinforced binding, secure pages, and the ability to open flat for easy writing.

Focus On Features

Laboratory research needs to be legible, organized, and thorough. A good laboratory notebook will come with features that make this easy. A built-in table of contents makes it easy for you to sort and label your research as you fill in the notebook. It also simplifies the process of reviewing your research, finding specific data, or sharing your work with others. A lab notebook might also come with numbered pages, grid paper, and other useful tools to keep your research organized and coherent.

Sturdiness and Durability

Finally, when choosing the right laboratory notebook, prioritize durability. Your lab notebook will travel across different worktables and facilities as you pursue your ideas. As the months go by, you’ll constantly be sliding the notebook in and out of your bag, spreading it across your tables, and submitting it to other casual wear and tear. You need a notebook that will hold up against months of daily use. This necessitates secure binding and a solid cover. The sturdier your notebook is, the better it will serve you as you delve into your research.

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