Clean Room Supplies are Vital to a Contamination Free Environment

A manufacturer of specialized office supplies understands the needs and restrictions for notebooks and paper that are needed for a sensitive research environment. Cleanroom notebooks are vital in any space that must have zero contamination from paper fibers and dust. A company that builds highly sensitive fire and smoke detectors, for instance, must have a dust, hair, and fiber free environment.

A cleanroom notebook comes in several sizes, from pocket note pad to eight and one half inch by eleven inch standard college size paper. The 22 lb. paper is white with college ruled lines for convenient data recording or note taking.  Plastic spiral spines are used to bind the notebook, which allows the pages to be opened to lie flat on a work surface. This makes it more convenient for taking notes with one hand while working on sensitive units.

The notebooks are ultraclean with chemical resistant, high density polyethylene covers. Notebook pages are impregnated with latex and printed with IPA resistant, low sodium ink. This is crucial to a low ionic contamination that could render a manufactured unit useless.

Stationery for this type of environment is packaged using bag within a bag technology in a controlled clean room. The outer bag can be wiped with alcohol before the package is taken into the sterile suites and aseptic atmosphere of the clean room. The cleanroom notebooks are removed from the storage bags when ready for use. Archival pens are used for recording vital information on the fiber and dust free pages.

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