Do Scientists Need a Laboratory Notebook? Find Out Below

Oversized laboratory notebook

As a scientist, you are engaged in many activities throughout the day, month, and sometimes throughout the year. You develop complex formulas and equations that are hard to remember. Additionally, you are involved in procedural activities that follow a standard procedure to achieve a specific goal. You don’t have to struggle again trying to memorize information for future reference.

Using a laboratory notebook, you will be able to increase your output per day while at the same time creating a smooth flow of work. A laboratory notebook is designed to cover all the necessary details that you may need to record. Besides the beautiful color codes and hard covers, here are other reasons why you need a research notebook in your laboratory.

1. Record Your Data

This seems like a very obvious and common reason why you need a notebook. However, given that you have previously been a scientific lab, you know all the chaos that is present in a busy day. You will be coming across thousands of details and information that you need to capture and process. This is not possible because such information is too large and complex. However, with a lab notebook, you will have a place to record your data and keep your mind fresh and focused.

2. Planning/Time Table

Many people think that the primary purpose of an engineering lab notebook is to record your findings in a laboratory. This is a wrong perception. Engineering lab notebooks are planning manuals that guide an individual on how to operate in a laboratory. They help you to list what you need to do. It is important to highlight that a laboratory is not a place where you choose to enter without a schedule. A notebook presents you with a place where you will write what to do and monitor progress.

3. Recording Scientific Protocols

Similar to having a plan or a timetable of things you will do in a laboratory, sometimes you need to have standard protocols. If you are preparing to handle a specific experiment in the future, you can have all the necessary steps recorded in your notebook. Having scientific protocols helps you to avoid errors in experiments while at the same time increasing the efficiency of your activities. You can use the same protocols for future scientific experiments, which means that you will not be forced to prepare another protocol.

4. Archival Material

Archival materials are very important in a scientific laboratory. If you are engaging in scientific research that you want to continue evolving, you must have archival materials. The laboratory notebook is the best archival material because it contains all the necessary information that will help future scientists working in the same project. Most of the lab notebooks contain raw data, procedures, and findings, which will act as a reference point to other researchers.

5. Auditing Scientific Trails

As a scientist, you need to make sure that you can audit your trail from the beginning and come up with various adjustments to increase the accuracy of your experiment. However, that is not possible if you are recording much of the information in your head. It will be very difficult to determine where you made errors or possible areas of improvement. With a scientific lab notebook, everything will be easy. You will be able to know where you made errors and where you can improve results.

6. Reference for Future Publications

Developing scientific products takes many years. It even takes many more years to record and publish such information. For example, to develop a simple vaccine or medicine, it will take an average of 10 to 15 years. This is a lengthy period where information can easily get lost. However, with a simple scientific notebook, such information can be stored for more than ten or twenty years.

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