Effective Types of Note-Taking Methods To Try

Effective Types of Note-Taking Methods To Try

Taking notes in class is a skill that everyone should have, but it can be challenging to find the note-taking method that works best for you. Luckily, there are many ways to take notes to help students stay organized and get the most out of their lectures.

Here are some effective note-taking methods you should try so you can figure out which one works best for your learning style.

The Cornell Method

The Cornell method is great for organizing your notes and reviewing them quickly after class. It involves dividing your paper into two sections, writing down the main ideas, reviewing them, and summarizing them at the end of the lecture. This method helps break up large amounts of information into smaller chunks, making it easier to digest and review later.


Outlining is a great way to visualize information and organize your thoughts when taking notes. Use bullet points or indentations to denote different levels of information within each topic you discuss in class. This step will allow you to group related ideas and ensure you don’t miss any important details during the lecture. Outlining in your student notebook also makes it easier to see how various topics relate to one another and can help you understand complex concepts.


Mapping is a visual way of organizing information using diagrams or charts with keywords or phrases connected by lines or arrows. This type of note-taking outlines relationships between concepts and makes it easier to see how various topics fit together in the big picture. Mapping also allows students to quickly recognize patterns in their notes without having to read through every detail, saving time when reviewing material after class.

Students need to find an effective note-taking strategy that works for them to maximize their learning potential in class! Try out the Cornell Method, outlining, or mapping techniques discussed above and see which works best for you! With time and practice, these strategies can help you become more organized and successful with your studies!

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