Engineering Notebooks

Scientific Notebook Company offers a large assortment of top-quality engineering and science notebooks. Our reliable bound lab notebooks have permanently bound pages and feature archival materials. They are available in a range of configurations to meet the requirements of any individual laboratory, engineering department, or research facility. See our scientific notebook price list for a list of in-stock professional notebooks.


Scientific Notebook Company has been the most dependable and reliable source of engineering lab notebooks since 1959. A number of other distributors have exited the market, leaving their customers high and dry. Many of our customers have been with us since the inception of our first engineering notebook.


Proper bound laboratory notebooks are essential wherever scientific investigation is conducted, where data is collected, and where patentable ideas are – or might be – developed. Professional engineering notebooks are a main factor in presenting the story of an invention. Years might pass before an inventor has their day in court. On the stand, they will need to be able to recount when an invention happened and show that it was recognized. Without a proper engineering notebook, their story might seem fabricated.

Our engineering lab notebooks are supplied with a pre-printed page format that meets the requirements of the foremost patent law authorities. This engineering notebook format is essential for the substantiation of patentable ideas.
View our standard engineering notebook page layout.(jpg file) or Adobe Acrobat format engineering notebook page layout.


No matter the size of your organization or team, organized and chronological data is beneficial to any project when it’s written down. When keeping permanent records in our engineering and science notebooks, there will be a sense of progression with your research. You can trust that nothing will slip through the cracks and your records are just a page away.

Research directors and project leaders can maintain active control of research programs with the help of engineering notebooks, giving guidance where necessary and keeping projects moving in the right direction.