Essential Supplies for Engineering Majors

Essential Supplies for Engineering Majors

An engineering major brings plenty of challenges, but your school supply list doesn’t have to be one of them. In fact, the supplies you buy can help make every assignment and project a little easier. With the right gear, you can enter the semester with confidence and style. Grab the tools you need and prepare yourself for a successful school year with this list of essential supplies for engineering majors.

High-Quality Notebook

Let’s start with the basics: a good notebook. A sturdy, high-quality journal is the foundation for a successful semester. After all, you need to be able to take notes, record your work, and look back on past information and lectures. Once you get into high-level projects, you also need an engineering lab notebook with the right format to authenticate your hard work. Make sure your notes are safe and secure by investing in a durable, reliable notebook.

Ruler and Protractor

Engineering means mathematics, and mathematics mean graphs and diagrams. Drawing by hand simply doesn’t provide the accuracy and legibility you need. That’s why rulers, protractors, T-squares, and other diagraming tools make up some of the most essential supplies for engineering majors. Try to find durable options—such as those made from metal—so that you can keep using them year after year. You can also find multi-tools that incorporate multiple pieces of equipment in one, adding convenience and ease to your projects.

Laptop Case or Bag

Everyone knows how useful a laptop can be, but the importance of a sturdy laptop case often goes unrecognized. If you carry your computer around with you all day, make sure you keep it someplace safe. Many of your projects, notes, and resources are on that piece of technology. Protect them all by investing in a bag or case. You can go all out with a fortified charging backpack or keep it simple with a strong case. If you can, try to find something that will also store and protect your charging cords, headphones, and any other accessories you use.

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