An Excavation Team in Egypt Has Discovered Another Ancient Pyramid

An excavation team working near the Dahshur royal necropolis has made an exciting discovery! There aren’t a lot of details about the ancient pyramid, but some of the facts we do know include:

•    The structure was discovered near King Sneferu’s pyramid in the south of Cairo, a burial site for high-ranking officials.
•    The pyramid dates back around 3,700 years.
•    The structure was likely built during the 13th Dynasty, about which historians know very little, due to the rarity of surviving monuments from this time.

Ancient PyramidAs archaeologists continue to excavate the pyramid, they will also continue to gain information about how large it is, whether it is intact, and what secrets the structure may hold. It was originally reported that this pyramid was believed to be one of the first attempts by Ancient Egypt to build a smooth-sided pyramid, but this is now thought to be a translation error.

We now know that this pyramid was built much later and near the time that Ancient Egyptians ceased making pyramids at all. This is a good example of the importance of using a good-quality scientific notebook to keep accurate records when recording any type of data to prevent having it misconstrued.

The location and timing of the new discovery have led to excitement over the potential for learning more about a time where few records exist. King Sneferu constructed the Red and Bent Pyramids, both of which are considered early examples of the Egyptian’s pyramid architecture. Later, King Sneferu’s son, King Khufu, built the pyramids at Giza.

Findings and recordings from the past provide scientists with important information about how significant this discovery may be. Only time will reveal who is buried in the pyramid, but it is already looking as though it may be a high-ranking official like those in proximity to the new discovery.

One can only imagine the thrill that comes from this type of discovery. As researchers anticipate the findings that are likely to be unearthed throughout the excavation, many of us will remain watchful of the news of what each new day may bring.

scientific notebookAs scientists continue to reveal what the new discovery has to offer, they are likely to feel the rush of making a new discovery with each milestone they reach. New discoveries are only experienced once before they become news and the scientist moves on to the next one. The same is true for any researcher at every level of research.

From high school students to those scientists who are working in the field to find new and amazing discoveries from a past era, no other tool is more important than a high-quality journal or research notebook where they can record data, first impressions, and a wide variety of details that will be needed for future analysis. Without accurate and detailed records, the true value of any discovery is at risk of being lost.

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