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Guidelines for keeping and recording scientific notebooks:


  1. The primary purpose of this notebook is to protect your and the company's Patent Rights by keeping records of all original work in a form acceptable as evidence if any legal conflict arises.
  2. When starting a page, enter the title, project number, and book number.
    • Use ink for permanence - avoid pencil.
      Record your work as you progress, including spur-of-the-moment ideas, which may be developed later.
      Avoid making notes on loose paper to be recopied.
      Record your work in such a manner that a co-worker can continue from where you stop. You might be ill and to protect your priority it could be urgent that the work continues while you are absent.
  3. Give a complete account of your experiments and the results, both positive and negative, including your observations.
    • Record all diagrams, layouts, plans, procedures, new ideas, or anything pertinent to your work including the details of any discussions with suppliers, or other people outside the Company.
      Do not try to erase any incorrect entries; draw lines deleting them, note the corrections, sign and date the changes.
      This extra care is worthwhile because of the necessity of original data to prove priority of new discoveries.
  4. After entering your data, sign and date the entries.
    • Explain your work to at least two witnesses who are not co-inventors, and have them sign and date the pages in the place provided.
      Record the names of operators and witnesses present during any demonstration and have at least two witnesses sign the page. If no witnesses are present during an experiment of importance, repeat it in the presence of two witnesses.
  5. Since computer programs can be patented these instructions apply to the development of computer software. In this case a description of the structure and operation of the program should be recorded in the notebook, together with a basic flow diagram, which illustrates the essential features of the program. In the course of developing the code, the number of lines of code written each day should be recorded in the notebook, together with a statement of the portion of the flow diagram to which the section of code is directed.
  6. This notebook and its contents are the exclusive property of the Company. It is confidential and the contents are not to be disclosed to anyone unless authorized by the Company. You must return it when completed, upon request, or upon termination of employment. It should be kept in a protected place. If loss occurs, notify your supervisor immediately, and make a written report describing the circumstances of the loss.

Pdf format of Scientific Notebook Company's guidelines for keeping scientific notebooks