Help Your Student Prepare for a Science Career with the Right Notebooks

Help Your Student Prepare for a Science Career with the Right Notebooks

If you have a high school or college level student who is pursuing an education that will support a career in science, or are a teacher of science at the high school or college level, there are some simple things you can do to help students move seamlessly into this academic and career field. You may think one notebook is like another. Some are wide ruled, and some are college ruled, but that’s as far as the differences go, right? You would be surprised.

In science, there are specialized notebooks that help researchers record all the data unique to the type of work they do. These scientific notebooks are important because, in some cases, they are used to support a request for a patent or to substantiate the scientific process used to achieve certain results. By supplying these notebooks for your students to use, you will be helping him or her get used to doing things correctly, the way their peers in the field will be doing things.

Students may not need full blown scientific notebooks, but there are student versions available at a reduced price. They still offer many of the same features that professional scientists need, but are organized for use in the classroom. They contain a table of contents students can use to organize their notes. Pages contain grids for recording data, and a signature space at the bottom is very similar to notebooks used in scientific labs across the country.

For teachers, this is a helpful tool. When it comes to grading notebooks, it is easier to do if all the students are using the same type of notebook. You will spend less time trying to decipher what the student recorded and how it was organized.

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