Your Ideas Deserve Proper Documentation

How many folks through the years have had important ideas they jotted down on scraps of paper and never developed? The numbers are probably astronomical. How many times have you seen an idea and knew that you had come up with it long before it was patented or claimed, but had no way to prove it? A lab notebook enables you to jot down ideas and go back to check dates that can be used in court or patent processes to secure your invention, idea or project.

Sure, it may be convenient to just scribble down an idea on any piece of paper you have handy. But transferring that idea into a special notebook makes it more likely that you will follow up on it and develop it yourself. Otherwise, you may find out in the future that someone else was more “on the ball” and made a fortune on something you could have developed yourself if only you were more organized.

A laboratory notebook gives you the space to develop, change and adapt your ideas while keeping the originals, making it easy to track changes. With a pre-printed page format that meets the requirements of patent law authorities, a lab notebook helps you create and substantiate patentable ideas. You will have permanent chronological records of the research and development of your ideas, projects and creations, whether you decide to do something with them next month, or years from now. Your notebooks will be valuable assets for maintaining the integrity of your projects and establishing your ideas as facts.

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