Lab Notebooks

Scientific Notebook Company offers a diverse collection of high-quality laboratory notebooks. Our lab research notebooks are permanently bound and feature archival materials. We offer our products in several variations to meet the needs of individual laboratories, engineering departments, and research facilities. Shop online now for a list of in-stock professional lab notebooks and current prices.


Since 1959, Scientific Notebook Company has proven itself as a trustworthy, high-quality source for top-tier scientific lab notebooks. Several other research notebook suppliers have left the scene, leaving their customers high and dry. Our loyal customers have stayed with us since our earliest days.


In the midst of a scientific investigation, collecting data and documenting patentable ideas are essential steps for key discoveries. Proper laboratory research notebooks are simply the foundation of putting data and ideas down on paper that you can later use to develop an invention or test major theories. Having a professional laboratory notebook helps recount the timeline of patentable ideas in court. As we all know, it can take years for these ideas to appear in court. With Scientific Notebook’s lab notebooks, your ideas will never be disregarded.

Our reliable bound scientific lab notebooks come pre-printed with formatting that satisfies the requirements of the foremost patent law authorities. This format allows your patentable ideas to become valid and serves as proof in court.

View our standard laboratory notebook page layout.(jpg file) or adobe acrobat format laboratory notebook page layout.


Permanent, chronological records of all research and development activity are a valuable asset to any organization, large or small. Properly utilized, such records provide continuity in research, a source of information independent of personnel changes or transient memories.

With a bound scientific lab notebook, project leaders and research directors can reinforce active control of research programs, providing essential guidance and steering projects in a successful direction.