PROVEN PROPER and legal format

Over the years, Scientific Notebook’s permanently-bound laboratory notebooks have stood the test of time as the most suitable format for research work and patent verification. In a digital age you are still required to use bound notebooks to record your patent work.

The standard page format has provision for all the essential elements for proper witnessing and dating of entries. The pages in all scientific notebooks come numbered. Catalog numbers 2001, 1001, 1201, and 502 use the standard page format. For more specialized applications our #3001 scientific notebook has different signature blocks. An introductory page provides the researcher with a brief summary, this is located at the front of the notebook..

The hard-bound volumes are Smyth-sewn to avoid the problems of loose materials and lost or substituted pages. A regular, systematic approach to data gathering and recording is in itself strong evidence in support of valuable patent claims.

Try our suggestions for keeping laboratory notebooks by Scientific Notebook Company.

All papers used in these notebooks are acid free. The Hard cover 2001HC are printed on 70-pound white 100% recycled paper. Our other hard cover books 3001HC, 160HC are printed on 70-pound white paper. The flush trimmed notebooks like #2001 are printed on a 60-pound white paper.

Scientific notebook utilizes a binding method known as Smyth sewing. This is the premier choice for sewing library quality books. These books lay-flatter than the other sewing methods out there. Most competitors claim to be Smyth sewn, put one of our books next to theirs, and you will be amazed by the difference.

It’s not really SMYTH® sewn unless it’s sewn on a SMYTH® machine.

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