Pick the Perfect Pen For All of Your Important Ideas

For the budding scientist or beginning writer, an archival pen makes a unique and lasting gift.

Whether it’s because the recipient has the love of the written word, or because her scientific chicken scratch may someday revolutionize the world, sometimes it’s worth investing in the right means of recording data. Archival pens are designed to make sure the information recorded today is just as understandable in a decade or three.

The value of these writing devices begins with the fact that the roller does not damage the surface of the paper on which it is written. That means there is one less way for the paper to deteriorate over time. Additionally, we’ve all seen the movies and read the books where a great secret is revealed by doing a rubbing of the paper below the one that was written on. A pen that does not damage the paper it’s writing on won’t leave an impression on the next page.

The ink in these pens also does not fade over time, or feather to the incomprehensible blotches that we observe in some historic writings. Once the ink is dry it is waterproof and smear-proof, ready to withstand the conditions of the laboratory or of the writer’s tears as he finishes that heartfelt poetry.

Giving the gift of an archival pen is a way of acknowledging that the recipient’s work – whether it’s scientific discoveries or romantic sonnets – is worth preserving. When you give a gift that preserves their work for a lifetime, the recipient understands how much you value what they do.

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