Preserve Your Notes with Archival Pens

Everyone has something that they want to keep forever – be it bad poetry, love letters, or scientific notes.  To help make sure that forever really is possible, those important words and notations should be written with an archival pen. Preserving the words you want to keep forever with paper and ink may seem a tad old-fashioned, until you remember that in the last 25 years computer storage devices have progressed from cassette tapes and large floppy disks, to thumb drives and cloud storage. At the same time, those hand-written letters from decades ago are still the same and still easily accessible. Pen and paper, though it degrades with age, doesn’t seem to run the risk of being made obsolete with the next computer upgrade. Of course, writing with just any old ink pen can spell disaster if the writing gets wet, the ink smears, or bright lights cause it to begin to fade. With an archival pen, you can avoid all those problems. Archival pens come in a variety of colors, and six different point sizes, with every tip protected by a steel sleeve. When it is dry, the ink won’t smear, and it is resistant to chemical damage and waterproof. In short, just about the only way to ruin this ink is to ruin the paper that it is written on. The ink won’t fade or bleed through the page, meaning you can write your heart’s desires or your grandma’s favorite recipes, on both sides of the page, and preserve them for generations to come.

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