Filmoplast® P 50m x 2cm


Filmoplast ® P:

Originally designed for mending tears in library and archive materials filmoplast P has found favor in the fine art framing world as a means to hinge works done on lightweight papers. With no wetting required there is no risk of the paper cockling and as the tape is transparent after burnishing the hinges will not shadow through. Both the adhesive and paper used are acid free and have been additionally buffered with CaCO3 so they remain acid-free.

Used extensively in libraries and archives for mending tears in paper this tape employs a carrier made from special wood-free paper. Once burnished it virtually disappears leaving a mend that both looks and feels like the original page. Both the adhesive and paper have been buffered with CaCO3 making the tape slightly alkaline (pH ~9.2) to counter any acids in the paper it is applied to. Neschen recommends that the tape be burnished upon application with a bone folder to achieve the optimum in transparency.

Product Specifications

* transparent, short fibred, acid-free, non-ageing special paper
* wood-free, approx. 20 g/m2
* non-ageing, non-yellowing, permanently elastic acrylate adhesive
* paper carrier and adhesive are buffered with CaCO3
* for framing thin paper when the method of suspension should not show through
* ideal for repairing torn paper
* can be removed from study paper surfaces with water
* .8 x 164 feet