Identic-pen features a dual point and Leaves a permanent mark on most nonporous surfaces. One end is for details, with an extra fine plastic point that won’t break down. The opposite end is for broader lines, with a tough fiber point built for heavy use. Waterproof pen writes on leather, metal, wood, glass, CDs, plastic, and photographs. The ink is low-odor and resistant to water. Alcohol-based cleaners will remove ink from nonporous surfaces. Identic-pen meets nontoxicity requirements.

IDENTI-PEN® is a multi-purpose pen that marks on almost any surface. The dual point IDenti-pen is two, permanent sharp-pointed marking pens in one: a tough fiber nib tip, fine-point bullet nib on one end and an extra fine plastic tip for details on the other. Use this pen on paper products and non-porous surfaces such as metal, glass, tools, sporting goods, test tubes, photographs, plastics, vinyl, wood products, and labels.

IDenti-Pen ink is permanent, waterproof, low odor and built for heavy use. The alcohol solvent, dye-stuff colorant ink will mark on nearly any surface including slick PVC and poly-propylene sheet protectors. Note: Alcohol based cleaners will remove ink from most non-porous surfaces. Not recommended for use on fabrics intended to be washed.

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