Qualities To Look For When Buying a Laboratory Notebook

Qualities To Look For When Buying a Laboratory Notebook

Notebooks are essential for every school subject and academic endeavor, but as you gather your supplies, consider buying a notebook especially for your scientific research. Lab notebooks are crucial for recording your experiments; why not use one that makes that process easier? Scientific Notebook is ready to supply you with high-quality bound lab notebooks. Here are a few key qualities to look for when buying a laboratory notebook.

The Right Paper

Cheap paper can make ink smear or bleed, or they might tear when you write on them with too much force. Look for archival-quality paper, as your lab notebook is part of an archive of your experiments. The best paper will hold ink without any bleeding or “ghosting” (a faintly inked shadow of your words) on the next page. Paper weight is measured in grams per square meter; the higher that number is, the thicker and more resilient the paper will be.

The Right Layout

The “right” page layout is a personal preference. Some people like graph paper, some prefer lined, and some would rather work on a completely blank page. Scientific Notebook’s bound lab notebooks come with various layouts, with spaces for titles, dates, and signatures as well, as ample graphing space. They also have a table of contents at the beginning to organize your experiments more easily.

The Right Binding

Each notebook has pros and cons, and this includes its binding style. Classic composition notebooks are hard to lay flat unless you crack the spine. Spiral-bound books lay flat but can be a pain for left-handed scientists. Scientific Notebook’s lab books are Smyth-sewn with robust binding thread, so they lay perfectly flat and are wrapped with a spill-proof vinyl cover.

As you gather your scientific supplies, make your notebook search a priority. The right lab notebook is essential to every experiment and serves as a record of your work, so shop smart. Don’t forget these three qualities to look for when buying a laboratory notebook as you look for a book that best fits you.

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