Does Your Science Student Have All The Necessary Tools?

Does Your Science Student Have All The Necessary Tools?

If your son or daughter is on their way to college, or a new research position or internship, you can help them out by making sure they have the right tools. Even if you do not realize the details of why some of these items are important, they can make a significant impact on the future of your son or daughter.

Observation Equipment

Depending on the area of research being worked in, there are going to be specific tools needed for observation. This may include anything from a microscope, to a stethoscope, or any other device that assists in enhancing the observation experience.

Recording Equipment

Again, the type of equipment you need to purchase will depend on the research, itself. For instance, a camera with UV capabilities might be helpful if UV light or any kind of energy spectrum is being researched or is included in the research. However, there are some items you can assume will be used, no matter what type of research is being done. For instance, a laboratory research notebook, as well as an archival pen, will be necessary.

A laboratory research notebook is different from a normal notebook, in that it is designed to allow data to be recorded in such a professional manner as to be used in a courtroom. Even the paper is designed to last longer than normal notebook paper. Archival pens allow the researcher to document information, without worrying about the ink in the pen bleeding through to the paper below, or fading over time.

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