Stimulate Children’s Love of Science with 4H Projects

Children are naturally inquisitive creatures. They are curious about the world around them. Some may be more interested in the workings of electricity than plant or animal science, and 4H is a great way to explore those interests. This program encourages children to experiment with the things that interest them most and provides guided projects that can foster their love for everything from entomology to aerospace studies. All that’s left is to supply them with the appropriate materials, including a good scientific notebook, and turn them loose. Providing creative or educational ways to let children explore the world around them helps them develop into well-rounded individuals. It builds confidence and teaches them to question things they don’t understand. Being inquisitive is a positive trait that will help keep them informed, rather than becoming accepting followers who go with the flow. When that natural inquisitiveness is channeled toward science, it may be the beginnings of an interest that becomes a career field. It opens up endless possibilities. Careers as veterinarians, doctors, physicists and a multitude of other things can start out as a simple 4H project. It is the responsibility of every parent to find these opportunities for kids to test things in a safe and meaningful way. The next time a child wishes for a chemistry set or talks about building the next best robot, steer them toward a 4H project where these scientific fields can be experienced. Give the child a scientific notebook, a pen, and the materials needed to become the next famous scientist.

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