Stocking Your Scientific Lab

Whether you are a schoolteacher, home-school parent, or just someone with a love of science, having a well-stocked scientific laboratory is fundamental. There are endless possibilities when it comes to research and experimentation. It would be impossible to stock a lab for every possibility. There are some basic supplies like beakers and a lab notebook found in all labs, and this is a good place to start.


Science is all about measuring. Ingredients must be measured, as well as results. Measurements come in many forms. Here are some of the more commonly used tools for measuring different things in the lab:

  • Balances
  • Beakers
  • Graduated cylinders
  • Meter sticks
  • pH testers
  • Thermometers



Safety is of paramount importance in the laboratory. Some materials are combustible and others can cause adverse health issues such as skin irritations, blindness and breathing difficulties. Hazardous materials should always be handled carefully. In case of an accident, the following safety items should be kept on hand:

  • First aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Chemical safety codes
  • Chemical fume hood
  • Eye goggles
  • Eye wash station
  • Gloves
  • Wash bottle 


Miscellaneous Items

The list of items considered “basic” may vary slightly from lab to lab. The following represent a good cross section of basic lab equipment:

  • Bunsen burner
  • Dialysis tubing
  • Dissection scope


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