Structures Which Appear to Defy the Laws of Gravity

Engineers tend to push the laws of gravity and science by developing structures that appear like they could easily fall over or which look like they are floating in the sky. How do these buildings manage to stay in place and not fall down, injuring people and causing mass destruction? It is largely due to engineers and architects having a firm grasp of scientific principles and utilizing these to develop their one-of-a-kind structures.

Unfortunately, you will not find many of these structures here in the United States. Instead, you have to pack your bags and embark on an international journey to see these unique structures, to truly appreciate the remarkable feats of modern engineering and science.

  1. Cactus House, Netherlands: This structure appears like the engineer built it using blocks from the popular Jenga game. The building was designed to provide maximum sunlight exposure and encourage residents to grow greenery on their balconies.
  2. Sharp Center of Design, Toronto, Ontario: The Ontario College of Art and Design needed a new building and decided to create this structure. It was built directly over the existing main college building and features 12 colored steel support legs, which look like pencils shoved through the square, black and white, crossword-style building.
  3. Krzywy Domek, Sopot, Poland: This structure has the nickname “the crooked house,” as the exterior facing the front looks like it was taken out of a cartoon. The façade curves left and right, and there are unique shapes for the windows. The building is considered one of the strangest buildings in the world.
  4. Cube Houses, Netherlands: Located in Rotterdam and Helmond, these cubic houses were built at a 45 degree angle, to make it appear like they are falling out of the sky and to the ground below. However, the interiors of the homes are not tilted on their sides, but incorporate the unique structure into level floors, while leaving plenty of space open on the ground.
  5. Balancing Barn, England: This barn-like structure appears to be balanced over a ledge with approximately 50% of the structure unsupported. There is even a swing hung at the end of the unsupported section of the home for guests. Located in the English countryside, the home is available as a vacation rental.
  6. CCTV Headquarters, Beijing, China: This unique three-dimensional structure has one main elevated section, 246 feet above the ground, supported on each end by two leaning towers. Engineers developed the main section to be as wide as other skyscrapers are tall.
  7. Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum, Rio de Janerio, Brazil: This bowl-shaped structure looks like it is supported by a small singular cylindrical support. The structure actually gets wider as you go higher up toward the roof. To some people, the building looks like a space ship that landed upside down.

The next time you plan to travel internationally to one of these countries, make sure to allow extra time to explore and see these unique and gravity-defying structures. Remember to take along engineering notebooks from Scientific Notebook Company to sketch drawings of these remarkable structures. Contact us today at 800-537-3028 to order your notebooks.

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