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Student Lab Notebooks

Our student laboratory notebook is designed for science students to use for recording their ideas and experimental work. Its purpose is to keep data in a form that can be used to prove what was done--in a court if necessary.

This is a cost-saving version of our regular notebook for a student's budget. It is perfect-bound and has a flexible cover. Student lab notebooks come with research notebook printed on the cover, note we can't emboss your name on the cover. No quantity discounts on these books. The catalog number for student notebooks is O64P.


The benefits as a teaching tool are:

  1. You will help prepare students for a science vocation.
  2. Parents will appreciate your anticipating the need.
  3. Your effort to assist the students in their careers will please school management.

Student Notebook Features

  • Perfect bound - book size is 9.25 * 11.25 inches.
  • Table of contents, 2 pages(printed front and back).
  • 64 pages with a soft black cover. The pages feature our standard grid layout, same as our standard #2001.
  • Pages have 1/4 inch grid pattern with signature block at bottom.
  • 60 books per case. no embossing or discount on these.

Perfect for science students at all levels

Our price: $3.25 per book

Suggestions for keeping your student lab notebooks: Suggestions page!