Supplies Needed for College Chemistry Classes

Going to college can be an entirely new experience for many students. Living away from home, meeting new people, and a finding a whole new set of responsibilities are just a few of the experiences awaiting students. Being self-reliant and getting prepared is one of the most important aspects of being a successful college student. If a college chemistry class is on the schedule, then students should start gathering supplies and materials well in advance. Some items, like a laboratory notebook, may not be easily found at the local office or school supply store and may need to be specially ordered.

Chemistry is a class required for most students majoring in science. It covers a wide range of topics, and students will be called upon to participate in a number of experiments. Most of the lab equipment used for these experiments will be provided by the school or teacher. The student will be expected to supply certain things, however. Much of the student-supplied material is needed for personal safety and for record keeping which includes detailed notes on the experiments and lecture notes.

Teachers will typically provide students in advance with a list of items required for class. Most campus stores will carry the majority of these items. Often the instructor will recommend places to find any out-of-the-ordinary items. Safety goggles will most definitely be needed, as will a laboratory notebook. For science majors, it may make sense to purchase the notebooks in bulk to save money over the course of the years spent in school.

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