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Jupiter Meets Juno

NASA was not playing around when they pulled out the archival pens for the Juniper and Juno event, or were they? It seems that scientists at NASA not only have a firm understanding of Greek and/or Roman mythology, they also have a collective sense of humor that can play out a joke that is centuries […]

Artists Now Use Archival Pens to Preserve Work

Ink as an art medium has been around for a long time. Technically speaking, even the early hieroglyphs and cave drawings used a form of ink to create their images. As evidenced by the fact that we can still appreciate their beauty, ink can last quite a long time. However, those drawings exist primarily on […]

Why Archival Pens are Ideal for Genealogy

People who enjoy researching their family history may not be aware that archival pens are necessary for their research. It can be fun to spend hours on various websites finding out about this person or that person in your family, but, when the time comes to document the family tree, you want to make sure […]

Tips for Organized Research Methods

If your research is something you are excited about, you are probably going to put more time into reading, observing, and experimenting than anything else. Writing the research in one document may end up feeling like the “red tape” of the whole process. However, if you organize it correctly, putting the final project together can […]

Journaling Your Past for the Future

Journaling Your Past for the Future Journals have been used for hundreds of years and for many reasons. For instance, the earliest known journals date back to 6 AD in China. In the 10th century, Japanese ladies used “pillow books,” which they kept in their bedrooms to record dreams in poetic or pictorial form. During […]

Archival Pens for Scrapbooking and Personal Historians

Ever since the movie Roots hit TV screens back in 1977, people have longed to either research their own family history, or preserve what they already know. Some of these family historians collect and preserve historical documents, such as birth and death records, marriage certificates, religious documents and a host of other paper documents. Others […]