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The Brain’s Hot Zone and What It Means to Your Dreams

“Nothing happens unless first we dream,” Carl Sandburg is quoted as saying.  Dreaming and why we dream is one of science’s great unanswered questions. It’s also a source of fascination for most of us. We wonder endlessly about what our dreams mean, and it often has us questioning who we are and our very purpose. […]

The White House’s Support for Women in STEM

Some of the greatest scientists of our time have been women. These women had to fight their way to get the recognition they deserved, largely in part because the scientific community was viewed as being dominated by men. In light of this obstacle, many women still managed to stand out and demonstrate to their peers […]

Studying Tips for Engineering Students

Being a successful engineering student starts by forming proper studying habits. There is a higher learning expectation at the university level, compared to what you were used to in high school. Engineering students often find they must spend more time studying in order to successfully pass their engineering classes and complete course work on time. […]

Bound Notebooks for an Engineer’s Personal Record

An aspiring engineer uses a book to record ideas, quick sketches, and detailed drawings for future projects. These bound notebooks are lightweight and easy to carry on field trips.  The book should lie flat to allow for ease of access to a full page to complete a sketch of a new idea. The sketchbook is […]

What Materials Should Be Allowed in a Cleanroom?

Cleanrooms call for the highest standards of sanitation, and there are certain items that should be allowed in the room, and others that should never be present in the field to prevent contamination. Cleanroom notebooks, proper apparel, and approved pens are a few of the items that are allowed, but what are the other rules […]

Archival Inks Assure Long-lasting Clean Room Records

Recordkeeping is necessary in the meticulously controlled environment of a cleanroom. Specialized notebooks are used to keep detailed notes and daily data records in the dust and fiber free work room. Archival pens must be utilized to record information on the latex impregnated paper. An archival pen is filled with an ink product that will […]