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Five Halloween Costume Ideas for Science Lovers

Dressing up as a famous scientist, like Albert Einstein, or Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, might seem like a great costume idea. Unfortunately, your other science-loving friends may have the same idea. Who really wants to be at a Halloween party where there are numerous clones of the same person? If you want to […]

Demand for Engineers and Scientists Continues to Increase

As technology continues to evolve, so does the demand for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) workers. Currently, there is a shortage of qualified and educated people with these skills, leading to a higher demand in job markets, not just here in the United States, but globally throughout the world. Part of the job shortage […]

Studying Tips for Engineering Students

Being a successful engineering student starts by forming proper studying habits. There is a higher learning expectation at the university level, compared to what you were used to in high school. Engineering students often find they must spend more time studying in order to successfully pass their engineering classes and complete course work on time. […]

Invest in Your Students With Engineering Notebooks

Teaching your students the basic foundations of calculus and physics can be a great starting point for future engineers. For real world applications, one of the best things teachers can do is introduce them to the proper use of an engineering notebook. Many people unfamiliar with the scientific world assume that to prove an idea […]

Improve Learning with Scientific Notebooks in the Classroom

As the educational system places ever increasing value on test results, teachers are forced to spend less time teaching and more time preparing students for taking tests. Science receives less and less attention overall, because in many locations it is not a required testing subject. A 1999 study in Northern California showed that elementary school […]

Clean Room Supplies are Vital to a Contamination Free Environment

A manufacturer of specialized office supplies understands the needs and restrictions for notebooks and paper that are needed for a sensitive research environment. Cleanroom notebooks are vital in any space that must have zero contamination from paper fibers and dust. A company that builds highly sensitive fire and smoke detectors, for instance, must have a […]