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The Importance of Good Laboratory Notebook Practices

Establishing good laboratory notebook practices begins in high school. It is important for science and engineering instructors to require that their students have a proper notebook to record their work in for the class. Some students might question why they need to write in their notebooks and why they cannot just use a laptop or […]

Studying Tips for Engineering Students

Pursuing an education in engineering can be a rewarding goal and lead to a successful career. However, the time, effort, and amount of dedication required to obtain your degree and land your dream job means you will have to develop proficient studying tips and learn how to balance these into an active university lifestyle. Stock […]

5 Science Mysteries that Might Be Solved in 2016

Every scientist has their laboratory research notebook at the ready and is feeling hopeful about 2016. That’s because 2015 brought a whole host of discoveries and advances. Each time a new scientific discovery is made, it opens the doors for endless discoveries to jump off from it. After all, research is only limited by the […]

Sustainable Bricks Made from Plastic Bottles

In a time when people are making every effort to conserve energy and still live comfortably, the scientific notebook that holds the information to make sustainable bricks from plastic bottles is most welcome. As convenient as plastic is, it is a menace to the oceans and the wildlife that lives there. Even on land, it […]

Consider a Career in an Engineering Field

Engineering is a specific career choice for some people who are interested in technology and science, and who want to contribute to the development, building, or design of equipment, buildings, engines, machines, computers, and other tools to make people’s lives easier. There are numerous fields within engineering to pick from when considering this for a […]

Studying Tips for Engineering Students

Being a successful engineering student starts by forming proper studying habits. There is a higher learning expectation at the university level, compared to what you were used to in high school. Engineering students often find they must spend more time studying in order to successfully pass their engineering classes and complete course work on time. […]

Uses for Archival Pens

Archival pens are frequently used in scientific research labs, but there are many other uses for these writing utensils. The long-lasting ink is relied upon in a number of different fields, thanks to its many excellent properties. Here are just a few uses for archival pens that you might not have thought of before: Scrapbooking […]