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How Earthquakes Might Trigger Faraway Volcanoes

There are several schools of thought about the relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes. Scientists have long thought that there is a connection between the occurrence of high magnitude earthquakes and distant volcanic eruptions. Using scientific notebook charting and recording of various events, these teams are coming closer and closer to determining the relation and likelihood […]

The Science Behind the Earth’s Airglow

If you were to look in almost any laboratory research notebook that was used in the first year of a NASA employee’s term of employment, you might read terms like “airglow” and “Rayleigh scattering.” That’s because, like the average citizen, even new NASA employees aren’t always aware that airglow even exists, much less knows about […]

5 Science Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Whether you are looking for new and interesting projects to jot down in your lab notebook or you just have to feed your need for endless scientific tidbits, podcasts are a great way to go. They are entertaining and educational all at once. Technology has given savvy scientists an engaging new format by which to […]

Largest Rocky Planet Discovered

While one scientist might fill his laboratory research notebook with new inventions or chemical equations, others fill theirs with the dimensions of new planets. Such is the case with one astrophysicist and his team that discovered a new exoplanet with the help of the Kepler space telescope. What Is an Exoplanet? An exoplanet is a […]

Superhero Science at UC Davis

Ricardo Castro, a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at U.C. Davis, is taking things to a whole new level in order to hold the interest of students who might otherwise become distracted. Professor Castro was reflecting on the details of modern superheroes one day and decided to take things a […]

The Science of Love (for Valentine’s Day)

What do laboratory notebooks and the facial features of your next date have in common? They might hold the key to true love for you. In fact, even though the time may have passed when you would ask for parental consent before asking someone on a date, your own parents have more influence on your […]

5 Science Mysteries that Might Be Solved in 2016

Every scientist has their laboratory research notebook at the ready and is feeling hopeful about 2016. That’s because 2015 brought a whole host of discoveries and advances. Each time a new scientific discovery is made, it opens the doors for endless discoveries to jump off from it. After all, research is only limited by the […]