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Scanning Lab Notebooks Prevents Disaster

Traditional paper laboratory notebooks provide a convenient and versatile means for researchers and other laboratory professionals to document their work. However, paper notebooks can easily be lost or damaged. Scanning your lab books provides a needed backup that will ensure that important records are safe and accessible. Paper-based lab notebooks are here to stay. They’re […]

Did You Know There Are 390,900 Species of Plants Known to Scientists?

In an 80-page report that was based on a wealth of data collected from reports, notes in laboratory notebooks, and any other means of listing plants, it was revealed that the Earth has at least 390,900 species of plants. Those are just the known species across the globe. In areas that are untouched, above and […]

Great Science Fair Lab Notebooks

The science fair is coming and you have a great project in mind. Science fair participants often win great rewards, such as bonus points in school, and maybe scholarship money for college. With so much at stake, it is imperative that you always put your best foot forward. Judges, teachers and other science fair participants […]

Lab Notebook Guidelines for Graduate Research

Your lab notebooks will be critical for completing your graduate research, but there are some issues that come up with how these notebooks should be created and who retains ownership of the notebooks once a student leaves a lab group. You will want to familiarize yourself with these guidelines before you begin your graduate work. […]

The Downsides of Electronic Lab Notebooks

While many in the scientific community are pushing for the transition from paper lab notebooks to electronic devices, there are still many reasons why paper notebooks are a better option for researchers. Before you invest in electronic notebooks for your research, consider the following downsides of going digital. Portability While electronic notebooks are small, they […]