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Scientists Discover Hidden Antarctic Lake Through Radar Images

As the use of overhead radar equipment reveals more and more about the planet, laboratory notebooks are filling up with speculations on what has been found. Just when people thought there was no undiscovered territory left in the world, scientists reveal that they have found what looks to be a subglacial lake in the Antarctic. […]

The Science of Love (for Valentine’s Day)

What do laboratory notebooks and the facial features of your next date have in common? They might hold the key to true love for you. In fact, even though the time may have passed when you would ask for parental consent before asking someone on a date, your own parents have more influence on your […]

The 4 Craziest Scientific Theories (That Turned Out to Be Right)

Scientific progress may seem like a straight line of amassing knowledge and calmly correcting mistaken impressions to get to the truth, but the actual process is much more chaotic than that. Theories that we take for granted today were often met with confusion and hostility when they were introduced, and the people who introduced them […]

Pick the Perfect Pen For All of Your Important Ideas

For the budding scientist or beginning writer, an archival pen makes a unique and lasting gift. Whether it’s because the recipient has the love of the written word, or because her scientific chicken scratch may someday revolutionize the world, sometimes it’s worth investing in the right means of recording data. Archival pens are designed to […]

Preserve Family Memories in Laboratory Notebooks

The legal protections offered by properly formatted laboratory notebooks are perfect for the budding engineer or inventor, but what many people miss is how important these notebooks can be for non-scientific uses. Almost every family has someone who chronicles the family history, or writes songs, or develops new recipes that are family heirlooms. No one […]

Protect Valuable Research Data

Research notebooks are vital to any laboratory or business that has employees who are working on a project that may one day be patented. Specific notebooks are designed for research use with features to record daily information during the processes dealing with the project. Detailed notes are painstakingly recorded by hand on the pages of […]

Supplies Needed for College Chemistry Classes

Going to college can be an entirely new experience for many students. Living away from home, meeting new people, and a finding a whole new set of responsibilities are just a few of the experiences awaiting students. Being self-reliant and getting prepared is one of the most important aspects of being a successful college student. […]